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The best things in life ARE free!

This picture is a throw back to about a month ago, when I was just finding my stride with the autoimmune protocol. The photo reminds me of how proud I felt in that moment- proud that I was feeling better, proud that I had made a meal that felt true to me and the way I like to eat, proud that I was getting the hang of this new life. It reminds me of the optimism I felt, the sparkly freshness of new beginnings. The hope and possibility of changing one’s life.


It has been a humbling experience. I feel humbled by the promise and simultaneously crushed by the reality. I’ll be honest, the day to day activities of cooking everything from scratch, toting my lunch to work and feeding myself a breakfast that doesn’t have to do with eggs or toast is rough. But now, all the thought and attention that goes into taking care of myself and the doubts of missteps weigh super heavy on me.


So much of it that I’m learning now is about self care, balance and actually closing my eyes and listening to what my heart is trying to tell me. Eliminating offending foods has calmed my gut, but even the most “clean” eating doesn’t stop the stress and anxiety from creeping in and settling in my belly. Growing up I learned to manage my symptoms, but never got in touch with the real reason why they were happening. I mean, I have a long history with this- I was on prescription antacids as a high schooler. WTF.


So we learn. We attempt to change. Each day we meet as a new challenge, an opportunity to be better, feel better, live well. If I could give just one piece of advice, one thing that has helped touch and soothe the twinge of heartache, is guided meditation. I KNOW. It ain’t nothing new. But Sarah Blondin’s 10 minute long talks are SO GOOD. The way she says “I know…” and calls you “dear one” makes me feel comforted and truly seen, and is the best thing I have found that is FREE in a long time. You know I love a deal. Download the Insight Timer app and have yourself a good little cry. Let it out. Make room for self love, cuz girl- ain’t that the whole reason we’re here?


Pictured: Thai Tuna Salad Wraps from Autoimmune Wellness (, rainbow carrots, celery, cucumber and arame and ginger sauerkraut from Wildbrine (

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