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Not your grandma's Chablis

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To all you Chardonnay haters out there, this ones for you!

This post follows the last one nicely because we’re still talking about chardonnay and how much I don’t like it. Just kidding! Actually, I’m just spreading my wings and learning to fly away from certain styles of wine that I don’t like made from chardonnay grapes. Get this- chardonnay and Chablis are both made from chardonnay grapes. Chablis comes from France, and is aged in stainless steel tanks or very neutral (read: old) French oak barrels- leading to a crisp, light white wine. Chardonnay made in the U.S. is usually aged in newer French oak barrels, which give it a stronger toast-y flavor. This style of chardonnay became really popular in the ‘90s, right around the same time as pesto and sundried tomatoes. Unfortunately, this trend in wine hasn’t gone the way of sundried tomatoes yet, but I digress.


This wine! I found it at The Panel in Sonoma, and I was super excited to try it because I think the last time I had Chablis it came out of a four liter jug from a producer that rhymes with Parlo Mossi. Non monsieur, I am a 30-something year old woman and that just will not do. It must be French! This wine comes from a village just outside of Chablis, France. Its not Grand Cru or even Premier Cru, but its still delicious and guess what- super affordable. Like, less than a 20 dolla holla affordable. The nose is bright and fruity, and it tastes like licking the last bits of apple pie off a slab of limestone rock.

Buttery salty noods, egg yolk optional

I paired this wine with a recipe I’d never tried before (bold I know) from Bon Appetit: Kimchi Udon Noodles with Scallions ( This dry Chablis cut right through the butter, and played well with the spiciness of the kimchi. My husband said he wished I cooked like this every night, and I tried to take it as a compliment. Honestly, this recipe is super easy, only a few ingredients and SO TASTY! I will definitely be making it again.


You might be wondering what makes a Petit Chablis so petite? It’s a full size bottle isn’t it? Don’t worry, I Googled and found out: Grand and Premier Cru Chablis must be grown in Kimmeridgian soil, and Petit Chablis is grown in Portlandian soil. PORTLANDIAN. LOL! Petit Chablis over Chablis 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!


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